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    Take a look at some of the big wins these organizations have achieved using The Predictive Index.

    Founded in 1895, 62 branch locations and named best bank in indiana by forbes 2 years in a row

    After implementing PI as part of the hiring and employee development process, Centier Bank ranked No. 1 on the Indiana Chamber of Commerce's "Best Places to Work list in 2010.

    - Michael E. Schrage, President
    *Has associates averaging more than 10 years of service
    *Maintains customer service levels at 96.25%- with teller and call center levels at 97% and 96%
    *Turnover rate of 7%, significantly lower than both regional and state levels
    *Ranked top five "Best Places to Work for six years in Indiana

    National leader in the construction industry $671 Million in Annual sales

    Just as we wouldn't start to build a building without a good set of blueprints, we don't put together a team of people to build a building without using PI.

    - Jim Ansura, Founder and Chairman, 
    Shawmut Design and Construction
    *Since using PI, Sales and Employee base has grown by 800%
    *Company consistently appears on "Best Places to Work" lists in several regions
    *PI plays key role in helping leadership better manage conflicts and to build project teams

    Community bank with 6 retail locations and 10 lending centers

    It's all about talent optimization. You need to optimize your talent and the best way to do it is to align with PI. It's quite frankly helped us turn things around here pretty dramatically.

    - Jim McDonough, President of Envision Bank
    *Back in black financially with over $1M in profits in the second quarter of 2019 alone
    *Setting records monthly in its residential lending department
    *Growing deposits
    *Introducing new products and executing integrated sales and marketing campaigns
    *Seeing improved engagement survey results

    The world's largest fast food chain by store count

    The PI Behavioral Assessment has made our hiring process more productive by enabling us to hire people who we know will stay on board long term.

    - Harold Jackson, Subway Franchise Owner
    *Employee turnover reduced from 70% to as low as 32%
    *Reducing employee turnover saved more than $15,000 a year in training costs alone
    *The PI Behavioral Assessment's accuracy led to increased confidence in job reassignments and smoother transitions
    *The PI Behavioral Assessment showed management and employees that the "manager" role is not a one-size-fits-all title, leading to better leadership tactics

    North America

    PI protects the manager from making a bad hiring decision and protects the individual from poor performance.

    - Joan Jones, Senior Manager North America
    *Digging into sales data, Jones discovered that the 12% difference between an underperformer and a top performer translated to a $90 million loss in revenue.

    America's largest auto retailer

    The increase in productivity as a result of our PI data was huge for our business and our customers.

    - Brian Kramer, General Manager of AutoNation's Clearwater, FL Lexus Dealership
    *167% increase in average sales per associate
    *20% increase in total sales and parts and service departments
    *37% increase in the number of cars sold
    *9% increase in overall sales, outpacing the industry average
    *Promotion of four employees to corporate positions and three to management roles, more than any other dealership

    A leader in the fast casual space

    When your talent is optimized, so is your business.

    - Daniel Light, Talent Director
    *15% increase in customer service
    *30% increase in business capacity

    A hospitality leader

    Using The Predictive Index, we have retained more, hired less, and our employees are more efficient on every metric we can measure them on.

    - Ian Murray, Production Manager
    *Increased new customer revenues by nearly 30% within two years
    *Saved $120,000 in admin costs by employing a data-driven hiring and onboarding process
    *Made 61% fewer extraneous hires year over year by retaining top performers and hiring more efficiently

    Global direct marketer of computers, hardware and software

    Sales topped $1 billion last year and we believe PI is an anchor point for our success.

    - Eric Crown, President
    *Sales topped $1 Billion

    Nationwide marketer and distributor of energy products

    We always start with the PI Behavioral Assessment. It is our jumping off point for any significant employee-related decisions.

    - Mike Keating, Senior Vice President
    *Customer turnover dropped from almost 21% to 9%, well below the national norm of 12-13%
    *Average tenure for executives is 12 years, with less than 2% turnover
    *Suburban has successfully navigated more than a dozen acquisitions and several strategic management transitions.

    About 70% market share in e-signature space

    DocuSign used the PI Behavioral Assessment to identify top performers and optimized their sales team to achieve a 21% increase in performance, while also seamlessly adding 1,800 employees.

    - Susan Ross, Senior Director of Recruiting
    *High attrition problem disappeared
    *New hires more engaged
    *Sales team experienced 21% increase in performance after using top performing employees as a behavioral benchmark
    *Company fluidly and successfully grew from 700 to 2,500 employees in less than three years.

    Workplace productivity platform

    PI first and foremost makes conflict resolution a non-issue.

    - Miranda Nicholson, VP of HR
    *With PI's help, Formstack put the right people in the right positions, armed with the right insights.

    14 Branch locations and leading authorized distributor of electronic components

    I think PI has probably been the most important thing we implemented in the last year. For me, the value can't be quantified.

    - Jon Trevor, Head of People

    *Total company attrition dropped from 71% to 38%
    *Distribution center attrition reduced from 111% to 58%
    *Headcount increased by 13%
    *New Hire attrition dropped by 32%
    *By reducing turnover, the company saved $2 million in recruiting, onboarding, and training costs.
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